MS-500 – I Passed!

As we all know now, we are in unprecedented times. But with the lock down in place here in the UK, I wanted to come out at the other end in a better form than what I was in when it first started, the start of that was studying and passing another Microsoft exam. Staying productive whilst working remotely at… Read More »MS-500 – I Passed!

Working from Home? IT Bods Tips

Found yourself working from home recently thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic? As I’m sure everyone is aware, the world has been turned on his head as businesses scramble to adapt to their workers working remotely. Dialling into Teams conference calls and Zoom meetings has suddenly become the norm. If you’re techies like us, we’re used to this way of working,… Read More »Working from Home? IT Bods Tips

In Review: Ignite The Tour London

Microsoft Ignite The Tour has been and gone, And after a week or so of thinking about it, I believe it may be worth to write a post about my overall thoughts of the Conference. What is Microsoft Ignite The Tour? Microsoft, like many other Technology giants have an annual conference, displaying their latest and greatest technology and inspirational talks… Read More »In Review: Ignite The Tour London

Job Change! Career update 1.0

Hi! I am Jamie, one of two I.T Bods on the site. I have recently changed jobs, which can often seem the “norm” in the I.T industry, with plenty of jobs going out as contracts and a lot of I.T professionals being contractors. I have never been wanted to be known as a person who frequently moves jobs, but sometimes… Read More »Job Change! Career update 1.0


Discord Now Has Server Folders

Sever Folders joined the server. Hold my beer. Discord has finally done it! Discord heard the demands of its community and has today added server folders. This will allow users to easily manage the servers they have joined. I know for a fact there are some gamers out there with hundreds of Discord servers, some big, some small – but… Read More »Discord Now Has Server Folders

Windows Virtual Desktop

How to Prepare, Deploy & Optimize your Azure based Virtual Desktops This series of videos from the Microsoft Mechanics YouTube channel shows how to get your cloud environment (Azure) ready to deploy and use Windows Virtual Desktops. Windows Virtual Desktop has been public preview since March of this year, but if you are new to the Windows Virtual Desktop solution,… Read More »Windows Virtual Desktop